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Check-Out Inspection

Check Out Time - We are sorry to see you go!  To begin your check out process, you will need to book your virtual or regular check out inspection.  A member of your Chapter community team will follow up with further details, confirm your check out inspection date and time and send the link to complete the check-out checklist.  If you would like to extend your tenancy with us, please contact your reception team and we can set up a call to go through your options and offers.  To book your check out inspection, please click on “Complete”  Please ensure your room is cleaned and all items are removed or packed prior to your inspection. If you need any help, you can book a range of packing, storage and removal services on the Chapter Service App. Check out Guide

Check-Out Checklist

Check out time is 10am on the day of your departure. Your room must be clean with all personal belongings (including rubbish) removed You will need to complete and submit your check out checklist 12 hrs before moving out.  Want to say goodbye to your Community Team? Leave a message for them to see