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您可以随时请求重新交付存储,但是请注意,我们至少需要72小时通知。 我们的标准送货方式是送货到您房屋的底楼。我们将提供报价以供您批准。 *请注意,除非已为您的订单支付了所有款项,否则我们无法重新交付您的订单。


您可以随时请求重新交付存储,但是请注意,我们至少需要72小时通知。 我们的标准送货方式是送货到您房屋的底楼。我们将提供报价以供您批准。 *请注意,除非已为您的订单支付了所有款项,否则我们无法重新交付您的订单。

Here to support you with storage through the coming months

Hi there,

First of all many thanks for choosing to use our service over recent months.

It has been an unprecedented time and we have supported thousands of students with storage, packing and shipping orders throughout the pandemic.

During our peak time we made things really easy with flat rate for room packing regardless of how many items we pack and also applied a flat rate of £100 per month to store regardless of the amount of items stored. This special storage rate was included as part of all room packing orders.

For all ongoing storage please the rates below.  We have enabled the £100.00 per month rate to continue for all longer term storage orders with an increase in shorter term requests, in line with our non-room packing storage rates.

6 month storage: £100 per month
 5 month storage: £110 per month 
 4 month storage: £120 per month 
 3 month storage: £130 per month 
 2 month storage: £140 per month 
 1 month storage: £150 per month 

As and when you would like your items redelivered you have the option of delivery anywhere globally and we will support you through the process  to help minimise stress in these difficult times.

Kind Regards

Ping Services Team