Mental Health Seminar

Thursday 4th March @ 12:00

University Mental Health Day brings together the university community to make mental health a university-wide priority and create ongoing year round change to the future of student mental health.

We understand that this year we can't be together physically, this won't stop us coming together to create change virtually. Now more than ever it's important to get the nation talking about student mental health.

Join us on Thursday 4th March 2021 as we inspire conversations, take action and create change. 

Mental Health Awareness Seminar

Mental Health Awareness Seminar

Thursday 4th March @ Midday

How to improve your mental wealth without seeing expensive therapist that just talk about feelings.
In the seminar Rob will provide expertise guidance on the below key Mental Health topics;
-  The reason why all your thoughts are an illusion. 
- The secret book that I get all my clients to listen to before they start working with me which “changes their life”
- How to reframe your thinking using the “FMA model”
- Why people are depressed as their living to others values and not their own.
- The superpower that’s inside you that you don’t realise you have that can change everything.
- Why control is an illusion and why it’s holding you back

Time: 12:00
Duration: 60 Minutes
Host: Rob Blackburne