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Check-In - Old

To ensure everything is prepared ahead of your move-in, all residents are required to complete a check-in form prior to arriving at your Chapter residence.CHECK-IN STEPSStep 1 – Select Your Check-In Date And Time Book your slot by selecting the date and time of your check-in to ensure we are ready for your arrival. Step 2 – Confirm Your Arrival ArrangementsConfirm where you will be traveling from and whether self-isolation is required, in line with UK Government Guidance. Step 3 – Complete Your Check-In DocumentsConfirm that your documentation has been submitted via the Resident Portal (Found Here) including the following:- AST signatures are complete via DocuSign- University Acceptance Letter- Proof of Identity (and if applicable a valid in-date Visa)- Your 1st installment payment  Step 4 – Complete Your Fitness Induction FormComplete your Health Questionnaire ahead of your arrival. Step 5 – Review Your Building PoliciesTo keep you up to date with our properties polices, we must ensure you have read through our Community Policies. Step 6 – Create Your Account ProfileIn order to complete your pre-check-in application, you will need to create a user account profile. Step 7 – Check-in Complete              Please click START COMPLETING to begin your check-in.

Self Isolation Support

During the period of self-isolation, our Community Team will be on hand at all times to support you. We can support with delivering any parcels directly outside your door, or if you have groceries delivered, we will accompany the delivery driver, allowing them to deliver them directly outside your door. We will do our best to help you through this challenging time.

Inventory Form

Please complete your Chapter Room Inventory Form within 48 hours of moving in.