Sameday Valet Laundry Service

We collect, wash, dry & fold your laundry

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章洗衣 (copy) (copy) (copy)

我们将收集,清洗,干燥和折叠您的物品,所以你所要做的就是把它们拿走!标准服务是一个简单的,洗涤,干燥和折叠。我们的高级服务包括,手折叠和您的物品被包装和分开准备好让你放下。 最低订单金额为15.00英镑 **请注意,毛巾和寝具需要单独的干洗服务,因为它们不能包含在正常的洗衣服中。**

章洗衣 (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy)

我们将收集,清洗,干燥和折叠您的物品,所以你所要做的就是把它们拿走!标准服务是一个简单的,洗涤,干燥和折叠。我们的高级服务包括,手折叠和您的物品被包装和分开准备好让你放下。 最低订单金额为15.00英镑 **请注意,毛巾和寝具需要单独的干洗服务,因为它们不能包含在正常的洗衣服中。**

章 - 熨烫 (copy) (copy)

我们收集并熨烫你的衣服。交付后压,准备穿,所以你总是看你最好的。从每件商品只有2英镑。将衬衫,裤子和其他上衣按压并放在衣架上,无法挂上或按下并手动折叠的物品。 请注意:最低订单金额为15.00英镑

Important information about our laundry service

Checking Items
Please ensure to thoroughly check all the garments for hazardous items e.g. coins, pens, keys, etc. as we hold no responsibility for any items lost or damaged as a result of the cleaning process.

Washing and Drying Process
The load is washed at a 30 degree cycle and tumble dried at a medium heat. As we process a high volume we might not always be able to cater to personal requirements (e.g. temperature, washing powders, etc.). Please note that the items are not ironed.

Colour Separation
Please ensure you separate the clothes into lights and darks and have two bags ready for when we collect. Although we will take the utmost care in doing this we will accept no responsibility if there is any bleeding or colour transfer during the cleaning process.

Size of Bag
Your laundry bag must not exceed a single load (which is usually 8kg) Any orders above 8kg will be charged as an additional wash, dry and fold order.

Damaged Items
We will not be liable for damage to items as we wash by the load and do not inspect the care labels of each garment. For garments that need to be specially treated i.e. leather, silk, cashmere, fur, velvet and other delicate garments, please ensure that these items can be machine washed and tumble dried.

Laundry items are tagged by the load and not individually tagged. Therefore, we cannot accept any liability for missing items.