Discover how to reduce your food waste and learn how to cook delicious meals from all over the world with World Food Day on the 16th of October.

How To Reduce Your Food Waste At Uni

Food waste is the worst. Not only is it bad for your student pockets, but it’s also terrible for the environment. Food waste is a bad habit that needs breaking. With 14 percent of all food globally produced being lost, it’s pretty horrific to think how much we’re all actually outing in the bin. That, combined with the water, resources and shipping it takes to distribute the food to stores, it’s clear to see how a small reduction in personal food waste can have a huge environmental impact.
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30 Traditional Foods From Around The World

Devour your foodie bucket list with these traditional foods from around the world. Visit everywhere from England to Thailand with these easy and tasty meals. Whether you’re in the mood for something classic American, spicy Asian, or authentic Filipino, this list has you covered. In fact, there’s even more than that on here!
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50 Famous Dishes You Have To Try

Every foodie loves the prospect of eating the traditional food around the world, trying a new flavour on for size for the first time or finally getting to savour that uniquely traditional dish you’ve been hearing about. It’s our favourite thing to do and the genuine pleasure of culinary travel — traveling to the world’s best countries for food and letting your palate guide the way.
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The Taste Atlas

Discover local ingredients, traditional dishes & authentic restaurants from all over the world!
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