Spitalfields Building Directory

Welcome to Chapter Spitalfields

We've gathered some important info below to help you settle in. 
Facilities: Ground floor: Cafe, Gym, Auditorium, Meeting rooms, Cinema & Karaoke Room Basement: Games room, Post room, Refuse room & Laundry room 32nd floor: Bar, Lounge area & Meeting room 33rd floor: Study area/Library & Terrace 
Food & Beverage: Ground floor café (8am – 2pm) & 32nd floor bar (5pm – 10pm) TBC 
Wi-Fi: Connect to ASK4 on your devices, create an account & log in with your credentials 
Laundry room: There are instructions in the laundry room on how the machines operate using the Circuit Laundry app. Please speak to the reception team if you need further assistance 
Rubbish disposal: All rubbish should be disposed in the refuse room in the basement, rubbish should not be left outside your room door, corridors, lifts and stairs