Everything you need to know to about social well-being

What is Social Wellbeing?

Social Wellbeing is:

  • The basis for social equality, social capital, social trust.
  • The solution to racism, stigma, violence and crime.
It depends on:

  • The sum of individual mental wellbeing in a group, community or society.
  • The quality of government; local, organisational, national and international.
  • The quality of services and provision of support for those in need.
  • The fair distribution of resources including income.
  • The norm with regard to interpersonal relationships in a group, community or society, including respect for others and their needs, compassion and empathy, and authentic interaction.
Hierarchically held power in families, communities, workplaces, universities or government is particularly potent in this regard, and respectful, compassionate, authentic government, families and organisations are important in the creation of collective mental wellbeing.