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24/6: The Power of Unplugging One Day a Week

In 24/6, filmmaker and popular speaker Shlain introduces readers to what she calls a "Technology Shabbat"—the one day, every week, where she and her family turn off all electronic devices. Beyond detailing the many ways she and her family have benefited, Shlain gives helpful, reassuring advice for embracing your own tech shabbat and curbing device use.
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Sometimes, it’s hard to categorize a book into just one genre. Looker isn’t exactly a thriller or a mystery, but it contains elements of both. It offers a peek into the mind of an unnamed woman growing more and more unstable by the page. As she mourns her own broken life, she becomes obsessed with her neighbor, a famous actress. While Looker is short—less than 200 pages—it’s packed with themes of obsession, jealousy, and madness. Laura Sims made every word count.
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Former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama has lived an accomplished life, but it hasn’t been without hardships. In Becoming, Obama weaves the story of her inspiring life, from the years she spent growing up on the South Side of Chicago to her life in the White House. You will earn to a new appreciation of the former First Lady when you learn about all the things she’s experienced—and triumphed over—and her story will inspire you to live a more daring life.
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