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Book one of our weekly resident fitness classes at Spitalfields

Resident Fitness Instructor

Resident Fitness Instructor

Matt is our resident instructor and you will find him hanging around in the gym. Feel free to stop him for any advice or questions. You can also book 1-2-1 fitness sessions or book onto the weekly classes he runs.

Stay tuned for more details and a Weekly class schedule. 

Weekly Classes


Duration: 1 hour. The course will focus on strength training two areas: strength training and toning the body holistically. They are working on one or several muscles at the same time for the sake of aesthetics, development and building muscle.The objectives of the activityBetter physical strengthImproved muscle toneDry or muscle massStrengthening of joints and tendonsImproved esteem and self-confidenceProceedings of the sessionYour coach will set up a program of muscle strengthening in several stages. Indeed, exercise, expenses and the number of repetitions of the movement inevitably evolve with your progress. Different cycles of training will be offered throughout your program will consist of a set of physical training methods that will be used to maintain and / or build muscle.

Gym Induction

Join our personal trainer for an induction on how to use the gym equipment.Date: 20th September '19Time: 17:00Where: GymThis induction is limited so please book to avoid disappointment. The induction will last approx 60 minutes.