Chapter Laundry & Dry Cleaning

24/7 Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service

How It Works

  • Place the dirty laundry in your laundry bag (or any bag if you are a first-time customer – see below)
  • Drop off your laundry into any open laundry locker in your residence. Close the locker door and lock using any 4-digit number and turn the lock. If there are no lockers available in your building, you can drop the items off at reception.
  • Place your order below - We will collect, clean and redeliver your order within 48 hours. Once delivered you will receive confirmation of the locker number and the 4-digit code to access the locker for collection.

For first-time customers: please place your laundry in any bag, ensuring you noticeably label it with your name, room number, mobile and email. We will confirm when we have collected your order via SMS and email Your freshly cleaned laundry will then be redelivered in a personal garment bag which can be used for future orders. 

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Chapter Laundry

We will collect, wash, dry and fold your items so all you have to do is put them away! A standard service is a simple, wash, dry and fold. Our Premium service includes, hand folded and your items being wrapped and separated ready for you to put away.Minimum order amount is £15.00**Please be aware towels and bedding will need a separate Dry Cleaning order as they cannot be included in a regular laundry load.**

Chapter Dry Cleaning

We collect and clean your garments to the garment care labels. Delivered back on hangers ready to wear or put away. We typically deliver back within 48 hours.Please note: Minimum order amount is £15.00

Chapter Bedding and Home

Bedding, Curtains and other household items need regular cleaning to keep them looking as good as new.We’ll inspect your fabrics, remove any nasty stains by hand, then give them a clean so professional you’ll think they’re brand new. Taking pride in our work is something that sets us apart and luckily for our clients, they’re the ones that benefit. Not only do we have expert knowledge but we have products on offer that are used by professionals.Please note: Minimum order amount is £15.00

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sizes are your laundry bags?
    • Our laundry service prices are based on a standard washing machine load, which is up to 8kg. This is typically a pillow case full of clothes. If your order is larger than this, any additional items would be charged as a 2nd bag of laundry.
  • What is the difference between your Standard and Premium Laundry services?
    • Our standard laundry service includes washing and drying of your laundry, then folding it and returning it in your allocated laundry bag. We do not pair socks or separate items when packing your clothes. With our premium laundry service, we hand pack each item using tissue paper e.g. t-shirts together and underwear in a separate bag before packing it into your allocated laundry bag.
  • Do you separate my light & dark colours?
    There is an option to separate your lights from your colours; available when placing your order.
  • Will you combine my clothes with other people’s clothes when washing them?
    • All loads are washed completely separately. Your clothes will never come into contact with anyone else’s.
  • When will my clean laundry be returned?
    • We aim to return your clean clothes within 48 hours. You will be notified as soon as your order has been delivered and is ready for you to collect.
  • What clothes are not suitable for this service?
    • Clothes made from silk, leather, fur and wool are generally not suitable for a machine wash. Please send these items for Dry Cleaning.
  • Is there a minimum order charge per order?
    • There is a minimum order for a collection of £15.00 per order. If your order total comes to less than this, you will be charged a total of £15.00.