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Haiden Fitness offer a wide range of services designed to meet your fitness ambitions. Personal Training in your home, or resident gym.

Training Packages

Training Packages

Personal Training in your home, or resident gym. Haiden Personal Trainers come to your preferred environment.

Haiden Fitness London is an elite mobile Personal Training company operating in all London areas. We excel in enabling our customers to achieve standard and specific fitness goals by providing affordable and supreme fitness tools.


Mobile Personal Training is a new revolutionary way of exercising where the lack of time is no longer an obstacle. The greatest advantage of the idea is the Personal Trainer who will travel to you wherever and whenever your tight schedule permits. Free hour before or after work? Free lunch break at your office? Spare time during your baby afternoon’s nap?

  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Weight Loss
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Fat Loss
  • Rehabilitation
  • Flexibility Training
  • Core Strengthening and Stability
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Group Training
  • TRX and Kettle Bells
  • Muscle Building

Personal Training

Personal Training

Change your life for the better. Achieve your fitness and health goals through motivation and education.
Personal Training is much more than giving out exercise orders, it's also about having fun, whilst getting the results you want.

Online Diet & Fitness Plan

Online diet and fitness plan tailored for you - create and amend your diet quickly for 12 weeks. 
Easily chat via the App to build the body and fitness you have always dreamed of.

About Me - My Story

I trained and worked as a contemporary dancer in the late 1990's (working with companies such as Kokuma Dance Company and Phoenix Dance Company) as well as working with a variety of other choreographers in London. During this time he also led classes on various dance techniques - Graham, Cunningham and Release techniques - in locations around the country including Leeds and Birmingham. I also devised and taught “Fitness In Motion” classes (a mixture of Pilates, fitness and dance techniques). 
I have, naturally, always been interested in fitness and has trained himself, in the gym, for over ten years. In the last couple of years he has qualified as a personal trainer and has worked for various gym groups in London. I work particularly with strength and core training, mobility and flexibility and weight loss and muscle building. I provide tailored fitness and nutrition plans, 1-1 sessions, small group sessions and teaches a variety of classes including GRID (intensive 30 min cardio workout), ballet barre and an updated Fitness In Motion class. I'm particularly interested in posture and technique and in incorporating elements from dance into fitness programmes. 

Why Train with Me?
  • You will benefit from a highly qualified health and fitness professional
  • You will have support and nutritional advice that will guarantee results
  • You need a fitness plan tailored and made to fit you and your lifestyle
  • You want to book your personal trainer and sessions online and know who you are getting
  • You want to train in the privacy of your own home, office or local park
  • You don’t want to travel to the gym and prefer that we come to you
  • You love training outdoors and would like to use your local park to train in
  • You want to reach your health and fitness goals and actually keep them

  • Will a Personal Training work for me?
    • Personal Training will work for everyone that makes a long term commitment to fitness and health, with a balanced approach to fitness training and a complete and healthy meal plan solution. Your fitness programme is designed to be effective, as it is tailored to meet your specific fitness and health goals.
  • Where can I exercise with my trainer?
    • We provide training expertise in an environment that suit you best whether it is your home, your garden, local park or other open space, local gym or, if practicable, your place of work.
  • Why should I spend money on a Personal Trainer when I can join a gym and exercise by myself or in group classes?
    • Of course you can train alone or in a class. However, SB Personal Training London believes that the main purpose is to motivate our clients and develop a customised training programme that corresponds to your goals. Another advantage is our assistance and advise to ensure your posture and technique are correct. Moreover, choosing SB Personal Training, clients do not have to utilize the same training plan throughout the course of their fitness journey, but rather constantly see new challenges accompanied by constant progress.
  • How soon will I see the results?
    • You will start to feel better, both mentally and physically, after the first 2 or 3 weeks. You will usually begin to tone and/or burn fat relatively quickly. The exact rate of improvement will vary from client to client as this is dependent upon your starting level of fitness, weight, gender, metabolism and the type of training programme you prefer.
  • What do I need to bring to a personal training session?
    • Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and correct footwear (enclosed). All you need to bring to a session is a bottle of water and positive attitude. SB Personal Training will take care of the rest.
  • I struggle with motivation and have very little budget. What can I do?
    • You might like to consider training with a friend or family member. Training together will save you money and if you choose the right partner this programme can help with motivation and results.

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